“Croatia, Old Home New Home” commemorates Michael’s first experiences through the beautiful coastal cities of Croatia. The photos inside serve to share his journey with you, as well as a gallery of his Black and White Fine Art photography of the stunning vistas and architecture that is Croatia.

Michael has curated a selection of images that illustrate the fond memories of his travels and the wonder he felt when seeing many of Croatia’s stunning landmarks for the first time.. From the immense walls of the Fort City of Dubrovnik, to it’s crashing waves, to the multitude of travelers within the city and those enjoying the islands that surround it.


The first destination to share of Michael’s journey through his new home is Dubrovnik, a most beautiful jewel of the Mediterranean and a favorite destination of many travelers worldwide.

Come with Michael as he shares a taste of this and other breath-taking coastal cities of Croatia, including Split, Brela, makarska, the island Brac, Bol, Pucisca, Opatija, and especially the endearing little town of Omis, where his wife is from, and where the true beginning of this journey started many years ago…

Book Preview


Walking through the streets of Dubrovnik always sends my mind wandering…
so many centuries of lives within these walls, and those whose lives had been touched by the majestic fort city… new beginnings… every ending… and everything in between… times of happiness and times of sorrow…
As I walk over the stones that make up Stradun, seeing their polished surfaces made by the countless millions of feet that have each done their part in making them smooth, i am reminded of all of these things.




* Stay tuned for more books that are in the development stage..

including the book for Michael’s other Photographic Mulit-media Art project called the Story-Tellers.